What makes a good handyman? Firstly, you're looking for someone who is experienced and most likely, not just in one trade. Tradesmen, or perhaps I should say tradespersons, can offer perfect solutions to a range of specific household maintenance issues, but often a tradesman, or tradesperson (!) will be an expert in one particular discipline and you will have a range of issues, perhaps smaller jobs that require the know how of a reliable and experienced fix it man…or woman. Let's say a "fix it person".

Being reliable and on time, trustworthy and thorough are the sorts of things you expect from a house maintenance professional, but in order to be the best, you really have to believe in the work you're doing, to treat the home or office with the care and respect you would if it were your own. The same applies for business or office revovations fit-outs and repairs. If you need structural or cosmetic work done, gutter cleaning, roof leaks, sky light installation, you certainly need the kind of handyperson you won't find on an episode of A Current Affair for starters!

Many of us have been burned by home repairers or renovators picked out of the phone book as there are unfortunately some contractors who will insist on playing fast and loose around Perth. You might ask the friend of a friend, or you might use a local noticeboard, but would you, for example, call a house maintenance professional for some plastering and painting touch ups when they are located in Kelmscott if you lived in Perth's northern suburbs? Not likely.

When you think about the logistics of it, a house maintenance professional need not live two suburbs away. Being local does not qualify you in ceiling restoration or gyprocking anymore than a handyperson that lives an hour's drive away. The weather conditions are much the same across the metropolitan area so one specialist in outdoor renovation and paving is not going to know more about your particular situation because he understands the effect of wind and rain on outdoor areas in North Beach, and it's not like you're be required to travel to his place of work. The whole idea is that he comes to you!

If you're in the midst of renovation; plastering, rendering, patching or matching paints and you reach for the computer mouse or the phone book (if you're so inclined) you should be thinking primarily about qualifications and experience - not proximity.

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